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The mission of the Missouri Master Gardener Extension Program is “helping others learn to grow.” The Master Gardener program provides in depth horticultural training to individuals throughout Missouri who then volunteer their time applying what they have learned to help others in their communities to learn about gardening and environmental education. The Master Gardener Program throughout Missouri promotes and raises public awareness of the University of Missouri Extension as a source of unbiased, research based gardening information.

Through activities such as Extension hotlines or answer services, workshops, speaker’s bureaus, garden show booths and demonstration projects, Master Gardeners provide gardening information to thousands of Missourians each year.

To become trained as a Master Gardener, an individual must attend a 30 hour classroom Core Course training. Then the Master Gardener trainee is required to give 30 hours of volunteer service back to their community in approved University of Missouri Extension activities.

For more information about the program in McDonald and Newton Counties, contact the local University Extension Office. To Join Hill and Hollow Master Gardeners, contact any of our officers.

Helping others grow...

Our Gardeners

We have members who specialize in vegetable gardening, raising roses, composting, and some of our members have some very unusual and challenging expertise and experiences to share.

History of Hill and Hollow

 In 1972, the Master Gardener program began in Washington to give an Extension Agent a resource to answer everyday homeowner questions concerning horticulture.  In 1983, the first Missouri Master Gardener program was developed in St. Louis, a joint effort between the University of Missouri and the Missouri Botanical Garden.  The Hill ‘n Hollow Master Gardener program of Newton and McDonald counties held its first class with 15 charter members. Since that time, it has grown to over 60 members.


New Master Gardener Classes

08/11/2011 16:36
Pineville – The University of Missouri Extension will hold Master Gardener classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from September 12 to October 26 at the University of Missouri Extension Center in Pineville from 1 to 4 pm. According to John Hobbs, the mission of the Missouri Master Gardener program is...

Growing Native!

08/11/2011 12:39
The late Jerry Christian began volunteering with “Friends of the Fish Hatchery” in 2003 and started helping with the Open House there in connection with the Neosho Dogwood Tour in the Spring. In 2007 Rhonda Marion joined him with the booth to promote the Master Gardeners. She continues to chair...

Cicadas set to invade state, but not quietly

06/06/2011 13:43
Cicadas set to invade state, but not quietly Brood 19 is coming back. To download broadcast-quality audio, go to https://radionews.missouri.edu/.    Log in with the name of your news organization (password/registration not required). For questions regarding the audio download site,...

Edible Landscaping Combines Best of Both Worlds

04/25/2011 08:49
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One of the best methods of edible landscaping is to incorporate food producing plants in with more traditional landscaping in an esthetically pleasing arrangement that mixes beauty with food and function.  According to Patrick Byers, a horticulture specialist with...

Plant Oil May Hold Key to Reducing Obesity-Related Medical Issues, MU Researcher Finds

03/29/2011 15:52
MU News:  COLUMBIA, Mo. – Scientists have known for years that belly fat leads to serious medical problems, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke. Now, a University of Missouri researcher has found a plant oil that may be able to reduce belly fat in humans. James...
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