2011-12 Meeting Minutes

01/21/2011 11:11



December 7, 2010

Annual Christmas Dinner


Our dinner was held at 6:30 pm at the Williams Ag Building at Crowder College.  A big thanks to Bill Andrews for cooking the delicious turkey, gravy, and green beans.  The meeting was called to order at 7:25 pm by President Donna Hobbs who welcomed all members. There were 19 members and 14 guests in attendance. 

Our scholarship recipient, Jason Clark, introduced himself and his 3 guests to us.  He thanked the club for honoring him and shared his future plans for his education.  His instructor, Tracy Allman, joined us for the occasion.  A certificate was presented to him.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Minutes from the previous meeting were e-mailed to members.  Donna Hobbs questioned if there were any corrections or additions. A motion was M/S/C* to approve November’s minutes.                                   



ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:  Nominations were presented and voted on and a presentation will be made in February.


SERVICE HOURS: Reporting forms and totals were submitted at the meeting to be included in the 2010 reporting year.  We look forward to a summary of this year’s hours.



AWARDS: John Hobbs presented “Above and Beyond” awards to 3 members who went “above the call of duty” in their contributions to the club.  Karen Love was recognized for her efforts in organizing the Annual Plant Sale, Don McBride for his development of the club’s website, and Beth Persons for publishing a monthly newsletter.  Karen and Don were absent.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Jerry Christian, Linda Arment, and Jutta McCormick presented their nominations for the 2011 officers.  A motion was M/S/C to accept Linda Arment as the 2011 President and Jutta McCormick as the Vice-President.  Beth Persons and Donna Carr will continue as secretary and treasurer, respectively.


Drawings were held for door prizes.


Anne Corkle suggested that members submit their recipes for the dishes brought to our dinner to Beth Persons for publication and distribution.


A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 pm. 


Submitted by:

Beth Persons

Beth Persons, Secretary