2011-04 Meeting Minutes

04/05/2011 18:30

Our meeting was held at 6:35 pm at the Extension Center. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Vice-President Jutta McCormick. President Linda Arment arrived later. There were 37 members and 1 guest present.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Minutes from March’s meeting were made available to members via the website.   A motion was M/S/C to accept the minutes.

 TREASURER’S REPORT: The bank balance as of April 5, 2011 is $2507.70.


 Congratulations to the 2011 Master Gardener graduates!  Welcome to Master Gardeners!

 PLANT SALE (May 7): Bill Andrews is chairing the committee and hosting the sale at his store, WXY Sporting Goods in Neosho.  Rhonda Marion has been busy securing advertising in newspapers and community calendars.  A motion was M/S/C to submit paid advertising in the Big Nickel, Neosho Daily News, and McDonald County Press.  Flyers are available on the website or contact the Extension Office.  Members are reminded to label all plants with name of plant and price.  We also welcome any garden- or plant-related items like tools, pots, yard art, books, etc.  If you have any supplies such as pots, soil, or trays to donate, please bring them to WXY Sporting Goods at 1104 W. Harmony during business hours.  Members signed up for time slots at the Plant Sale.  This is our biggest fundraiser and it takes everyone to make it a success.  Plans will be finalized at our May meeting.

 FAIRS 2011: It was suggested to meet at the Newton County Fairgrounds on Tuesday evening, May 10, to plant flower barrels around the buildings.  This was tabled until next meeting until further information is available.  A motion was M/S/C to offer gift certificates as door prizes this year at our booth instead of flower arrangements as given in previous years.  Much discussion followed but no further motions were made until additional information is available.


 COMMUNITY EDUCATION: Barb Rowland sent an e-mail requesting help with landscaping ideas.  Rhonda Marion agreed to contact her before Beverly and Jutta go to the home.  A Methodist church in Joplin requested a speaker for their Seniors group to talk about landscaping.  Rhonda Marion volunteered.



 IN MEMORY OF JERRY CHRISTIAN: A motion was M/S/C to order an 18”x18” granite stone for $175 to be placed, along with a tree, in Jerry’s memory at the Neosho Fish Hatchery.  Silhouette Imaging will be responsible for ordering and engraving when plans are finalized.

 EXTENSION COUNCIL UPDATE:  The Newton County Extension Council discussed new possibilities for incorporating Master Gardeners in the Council’s programs.  Jackie Hoyez said members will be notified of upcoming classes that would provide additional service and educational opportunities for Master Gardeners.  Ron Hoyez also mentioned that Master Gardeners, Farm Bureau, and the Extension Council will share a tent during the Newton County Fair this year.


 DOGWOOD DAYS:  Rhonda Marion will be managing a table at the Neosho Fish Hatchery on Sunday, April 17 for 9-2 and invites other MGers to join her.  If you haven’t seen the new building, take some time to see Neosho’s beautiful Dogwoods and the hatchery.  Gwen Schroeder will also have Grow Native! plants available at her table.

 STELLA’S SPRING FLING: Gwen Schroeder will be managing a booth for the club and welcomes other MGers to join her anytime on Saturday, April 30 from 9-5.  She will also have her Grow Native! plants available.  If you have any questions, please contact her at 435-2456 or e-mail.

 LENDONWOOD GARDENS:  John Hobbs will schedule a tour on a Saturday in June for our club to visit this gorgeous place in Grove, OK.  Lendonwood features six distinct gardens, each with a theme and atmosphere all its own. They include: the Display Garden near the entrance; the Oriental Garden featuring shade plants; the Japanese Pavilion Garden with Koi Pond; the English Terrace Garden highlighting sunny beds and rhododendrons; the American Backyard Garden, where plants thrive without much water; and the Angel of Hope Garden, surrounding a statue of an angel, in memory of lost loved ones, especially children.  If you want a sneak preview, go to their website.

 SHIRT ORDERS:  Bill Andrews is taking orders again for imprinted polos, T-shirts, or denim shirts.  He will have more information at the May meeting, so be prepared to make your orders.

 BEES:  Jerry Schroeder announced that he is now a beekeeper and will be happy to rid your property of bee swarms.  You may call him at 435-2456 if you or someone you know needs his services.

 NEXT MONTH: Due to a miscommunication on our part, Jeff Cantrell from the MDC, will not be able to present a Grow Native! program this Spring.  However, two of our own Master Gardeners, Jerry and Gwen Schroder, are Grow Native! growers and suppliers and will be sharing with us on May 3 at 6:30 pm.  I think you will find them very interesting.

 A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm.

 Committee chairpersons were given sign-up sheets for members to volunteer during 2011.  If you would like to know more about these projects or missed a chance to sign up, then check out the website under projects and we welcome you to join in the fun.

 Submitted by:

Beth Persons

Beth Persons, Secretary