2011-08 Meeting Minutes

09/01/2011 23:37


August 2, 2011


Our meeting was held at the Extension Center.  Thelma Ross and her husband Roger gave a very knowledgeable presentation on Beekeeping.  She brought a hive and had some interesting stories, as well as recipes on ‘Cooking with Honey’.

At 7:20 PM the meeting was called to order by President Linda Arment.  There were 20 members and 2 guests.

Changes to June minutes were accepted.   Minutes from June and July were made available by website and e-mail.  A motion was M/S/C to accept the minutes.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The bank balance as of June 30, 2011 is $4,479.49.  Donna was not able to attend as she just recently moved into her new home.  A motion was M/S/C to accept the report. 

OLD BUSINESS: Carver Day was a great success despite the 100° temperatures. The event was wonderful with about 700 visitors.  The exhibit of native plants-edible, medicinal and ornamental landscape was great, and our knowledge was shared with many visitors. Thank you to Gwen Schroder, Mike and Linda Simmons and Sherry McBride who helped make 2011 Carver Day a success. 

The Newton County Fair did not have as much turnout as last year, due to a different location.  Despite very hot temperatures we enjoyed visiting with everyone.  Beth wants to thank everyone for the excellent turnout of volunteers.

The McDonald County Fair had a lot of visitors that showed interest in our brochures and gardening. Thank you to all the volunteers that made the fair a great success.   We had a lot of contacts for the new Master Gardener class.  Names and contact information was given to John Hobbs at the meeting. 

The winners of the Gift Certificates are Kim Snyder for $25.00 at Lowes, Alicia Brown for $25.00 at WXY Sporting Goods of Neosho, and Debbie Wolfenbarger for $15.00 at Jon’s Pharmacy and George Bersden for $15.00 at True Value of Neosho.

ANDERSON WOMEN’S CLUB: Beverly Resendiz and Gordon Spencer reported that the presentation of Fall Gardening was well received by its members. 

COMMUNITY GARDEN: Gordon Spencer reported that the Anderson Community Garden sponsored by the Baptist church still has some tomatoes available. 

NEW BUSINESS: Annual BBQ Picnic will be held at the Fish Hatchery on Saturday, September 10th at 6:30 pm.  Bill Andrews will provide meat, drinks and beans.  Bring a side dish or dessert to share.

PRAIRIE DAY will be September 10, 2011.  Volunteers are still needed.  Please contact Sherry McBride, chairperson. 

A Tree Grows in Joplin is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping replace trees lost in the Joplin, MO May 22nd tornado with Missouri’s state tree, the native flowering Dogwood.  More information is available at https://atreegrowsinjoplin.org/ or contact Rebecca Mae Humphreys, Executive Director at 417-621-5016. 

John Hobbs presented new Master Gardener certificates and name tags to Vicki and George Richards,  who suffered a house fire a few months ago in which their old certificates had been destroyed. 

EXTENSION COUNCIL UPDATE: Ron Hoyez commented that efforts to collaborate and consolidate information among 4-H, Master Gardeners, and the Extension Council are underway and requested that our newsletter would be forwarded via e-mail.  This will ensure all information is provided to all Council entities.  The extension office requested that the Master Gardeners are to take care of all the landscape for the rain garden.  A suggestion was made to ask the Agriculture Department at Crowder College to participate.  They requested native plants as well as annuals. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming State Master Gardener Convention at Hannibal, MO is scheduled for September 23-25, 2011.  The weekend is packed full of exciting speakers, sightseeing, classes, tours and more.  Hosted by ‘The Salt River Master Gardeners’ .  If interested you may click on a link on our website to receive additional information. 

2011 International Master Gardener Conference with the West Virginia University Extension Service is scheduled for October 11-14 in Charleston, WV.  Additional information is available on our website. 

Missouri State Fair is scheduled for August 11-21 in Sedalia. 

John Hobbs expressed the possibility of hosting a seminar with Stone, Jasper, Newton and McDonald County Master Gardeners.  A committee will be needed to explore options. 

NEXT MEETING:  September 10th, 2011 at the Neosho Fish Hatchery at 6:30PM

A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 8:20PM.

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Jutta McCormick, Vice-President