2012-02 Minutes

02/10/2012 16:03

February 7, 2012
The February meeting of the Hill ‘N Hollow Master Gardeners was held at 6:30 PM
at the Newton County Extension Center on Crowder Campus in Neosho. The
meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM by President Gordon Spencer. There were
32 members present.
SPEAKER: Linda Simmons gave a fascinating (and tasty) presentation on wild
edibles. Club members learned how to identify and use plants that grow naturally
in most of our yards in delicious dishes, such as Chickweed Pesto, Acorn Hummus,
Roasted Pepperweed Vegetables, and Thumbprint Cookies made from acorn flour.
Linda also shared information about the health benefits of the plants, nuts, and
seeds that she uses. A copy of the handout Linda distributed during the meeting
will be available soon on our website.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Minutes were e-mailed to members and posted on the
website. A motion was M/S/C to approve December’s minutes.
TREASURER’S REPORT: The bank balance as of February 7, 2012 was $2,905.50. A
motion was M/S/C to accept the report.
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Gordon Spencer was named Rookie of the Year.
SERVICE HOURS: The secretary announced the total service hours accumulated for
2011: 2,627. This number is 400 hours higher than last year.
SPRING WORKSHOPS: Several seminars are scheduled for this spring, most of
which were listed in the February 2012 newsletter. During the meeting, two
upcoming workshops were highlighted: a Spring Gardening Workshop will be
hosted by the Branson Master Gardeners on March 17 (register here) and a Rose
Clinic hosted by Ron Hoyez is scheduled for March 31. Ron pointed out that the
clinic would also cover vegetable gardening and pruning. It was requested that the
secretary send a list of all upcoming workshops through the end of March to club
members, which she agreed to do.
2012 TASK COMMITTEES: Lists for the 2012 Master Gardener Task Committees
were passed around and members signed up for their choice of committees.
Motions were M/S/C to remove the following committees from the list: Newton
County Library Exhibit, Wildcat Park, Chamber of Commerce-Flower Boxes.
TRIP TO GILBERT’S AND SONS: Vice President Jutta McCormick investigated the
possibility of a group trip to Gilbert H. Wild and Son in Reed, MO. The owners are
open to hosting us, but dates would need to be set in order to make further plans.
No dates were set during the meeting.
HOSTAS FOR PLANT SALE: A motion was M/S/C to purchase 100 hostas for $100
from Gilbert H. Wild. Vice President Jutta McCormick will place the order. Club
members will divide the plants amongst themselves and grow them in pots to sell
at the plant sale in May.
WOMEN IN FARMING: University of Missouri Extension will be offering a farm
management class called Annie’s Project. The course is targeted towards farm
women and women landowners. The class consists of six sessions on Monday
evenings at 6:30 p.m., beginning March 12 at Newton County Extension Center on
Crowder Campus in Neosho. With the software, resources and materials that each
participant receives, the value of the class exceeds $300 per person. Preregistration
is required, with a deadline of March 6, 2012. For details on this class
please call the McDonald County Extension Center 417-223-4775. Extension
programs are open to all persons.
WEBB CITY GARDENING SEMINAR: The University of Missouri Extension, the Ozark
Gateway Master Gardeners, and the City of Webb City will be hosting a free
gardening seminar on Thursday, February 16, from 6:30 – 9:00 PM at the Mining
Days Community Building in King Jack Park, Webb City. Rita Arnold, owner of
Arnold’s Greenhouse in LeRoy, KS, will be presenting “Exciting New Plant Varieties
for 2012.” Pre-registration for the seminar is appreciated. Contact the Jasper
County University of Missouri Extension Center at (417) 358-2158 or by e-mail:
STATE CONFERENCE VOLUNTEERS: Barbara Sinclair is looking for volunteers to
coordinate the 2013 Regional Master gardener Conference. She also asked for
suggestions on speakers/workshop leaders who would give good presentations.
Information can be e-mailed to the Green County Extension Office at
NEXT MEETING: March 6, 2012, at the Newton County Extension Center on
Crowder Campus in Neosho
A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 8:03 pm.
Submitted by:
Lynn Fleshman
Lynn Fleshman, Secretary