04/06/2015 17:02

Newton & McDonald County Master Gardner Minutes

March 3, 2015


The meeting was called to order by President Mike Snow at 6:30.


There were 23 members in attendance and 1 guest.


Secretary's Report

Minutes for February meeting were sent out to everyone in early February and they were approved.


Treasurer's Report

Beth Persons reported that the beginning balance on January 31, 2015 was $2183.56 with a total expenses of $25.00 which gave an ending balance of $2,158.56 as of February 28, 2015.  Jo McLemore motionrd to approve, Linda Simmons seconded and was it passed unanimously.



Roger Hall presented on Bee Keeping.  He's been doing this for the past five years and was very knowledgeable on the topic.  He spoke on the life cycle of bees and shared many more  interesting facts.  Most importantly, he emphasized how much his bees have helped his garden this past year.


New Business

-  Sign up sheets for Committees and refreshments at future meeting were passed out for one last time if anyone wants to sign up.

-  The issue of Morse Park was brought up again and, after much discussion, it was decided that MG's would clean out the site of redeemable plants and stones and then would let the City know we will no longer be maintaining this site.  Karen Scott made the motion and Lora Burch seconded with it passing unanimously.

-  Beth Person made the motion concerning Verna Simpkins, who was Secretary of the Newton County Extension center for many years.  Her husband died recently and the motion was to write her a check for $50.  Cathy Sheehy seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously. 

-  Linda Simmons reported on the Newton County Extension Council:

   1.  Farmer's Market Committee will be meeting on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Newton County Extension Center.  Anyone from the community is welcome to attend.  They are anxious to have community involvement so if you know of anyone interested please have them contact Jeremy Elliot-Engle at 417-455-9500.

   2.  The Extension Center is requesting the City annex the area into Neosho city limits.  The goal is to get city water since the water is not potable.  It was suggested that we look into rain barrels for the drain spouts but no motion was made at this time.

   3.  The Extension Center would like to have a bar-b-que at the MG's plant sale on May 2nd.  They plan to offer the food for free but have a donation bucket there to help with getting funding for the water main and other expenses involved.  Jutta McCormick made a motion for this to be approved and John Hobbs seconded it.  It was unanimously approved.

  4.  The Council is also hoping to get a steer donated so they can hold a raffle with sales running from the plant sale and keeping the tickets on sale through both the Newton and McDonald County fairs.  Final drawing will be made at the end of the McDonald County Fair.

-  Ron Hoyez announced he will be presenting on how to Wake up Roses & Gardening 101 at his home (13888 Ibex Rd., Neosho) on March 28th at 10 a.m.


Next Meeting will be 6:30 p.m., April 7th, 2015 at the Newton County Extension Center.  The sign up for refreshments for next month are Beverly Gibson and Jo McLemore.


Motion to adjourn was made by Ron Hoyez, seconded by Jackie Hoyez and was passed unanimously at 8:30 p.m.