07/22/2015 10:06

Minutes of Master Gardener meeting on July7th, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Vice President Jutta McCormick at 7 PM at her residence at 101 Harper Dr. in Anderson with 19 members and 4 guests attending.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: June minutes was made available to members via e-mail.   Approval of the minutes is tabled to the August meeting after slight corrections have been made.


TREASURERS REPORT: Beginning Balance $3670.04. Additional income received from the Plant Sale $393.00. Expenses of $20.81 for soil amendment for Dabbs Greer planter box in Anderson, $50 Memorial gift for Norene, $96.35 for Newton County Courthouse.  Ending balance as of July 7th, 2015 is $3891.88. A motion to approve the treasurer report was made, and was carried by unanimous vote.

Despite the inclement weather the members and guests enjoyed homemade Ice Cream prepared by John Hobbs, Anne Corkle and Gordon Spencer.  In addition members brought many delicious deserts and Ice cream toppings to sample from.  

New Business:  Jo McLemore is chairing the Newton County Fair July 9th through July 11th.  If members want to volunteer to cover our exhibit at the Newton County Fair please contact Jo at 417-389-0008.

Donna Hobbs is chairing the McDonald County Fair July 16th through 18th.  Members that want to cover our exhibit please contact Donna. 

A motion has been made by Jackie Hoyez and seconded by Anne Corkle, and was carried by unanimous vote to pay up to $500.00 for the survey on the Newton County Extension Office property. 

Gallon pots are needed to prepare for the next plant sale.  If you have friends or neighbors that would like to donate some pots please bring them to the Newton or McDonald County extension office or contact the Master Gardeners. 

The Master Gardeners Hot Line (answering questions in regards of gardening) had enough interest from our members.  It was brought to our attention that we should have a 2nd phone line installed for this purpose.  The decision was to use the Extension Office phone line for a minimum of 3 months to see if the 2nd line is needed.

 The 20th Annual Missouri Master Gardener State Conference is taking place in Columbia, Missouri on September 11-13th 2015.  For more information visit https://www.momga.org/2015-master-gardener-conference/.  If you have not attended a state conference before you missed out on a lot of fun. 

Jane Williams a member unable to tend to her garden needs some help.  She lives between Seneca and Neosho close to West View School.  We will try to schedule a work day on a Thursday evening. Members will be notified by e-mail on a specific date.  There was no old business to discuss.

 Next Meeting is August 4th, 2015 at the Newton County Extension Office.  At 7:26pm a motion to adjourn was made by Jackie Hoyez. The motion received a second from Beverly Caywood, and was carried by unanimous vote.

 Submitted by:  Jutta McCormick for Lora Burch.