2015-08 Minutes

08/06/2015 09:17

Newton & McDonald County Master Gardner Minutes

August 4, 2015


The meeting was called to order by President Mike Snow at 6:32.


There were 20 members in attendance and 1 guest, Karen Hardage.  She is a MG, but is still registered with the TX branch and is awaiting the transfer paperwork.


Secretary's Report

Minutes for July meeting were sent out by e-mail to everyone.  Beverly Caywood made a motion to approve the minutes and Cathy Sheehy seconded it and the vote was unanimous.


It was noted the June minutes needed approved as well, so Lee House made the motion, Ann Corkle seconded and it was passed unanimously.


Treasurer's Report

Beth Persons reported that the beginning balance on July 7th was $3,891.88.  We had $45.73 in expenses which leaves a balance of $3,846.15 as of August 4, 2015.


Old Business

It was reported that Carver Day was excellent this year. In fact, people at the Newton County Fair heard comments that the MG Carver Day display was great.  There was a suggestion that Linda Simmons program be broken down into set times since she had no break the entire day.  She is a valuable resource and we do not want to wear her out. 


It was reported that Bill Andrews has finished his radiation and is feeling so good, that he took off for visit to Canada.


There was a discussion on whether we should continue having a MG booth at the McDonald County Fair since this event is not conducive to our representation.  It was suggested we might trade that event out and possibly have a booth at the Pineville's Jesse James Day event instead.  This will be determined next year before these summer events.


It was discussed that we had agreed to pay up to $500 for the survey of the Newton County Extension Center property.  It was noted that the Extension Center's Board was meeting right then and we will know more after that.  Mike Snow said he would follow up on this.


New Business


Mike Snow reported he and Barbara are now Grandparents! 


John Hobbs has requested that we provide a scholarship for one of the members of the MG class that just started.  He encouraged this because the member is very serious about becoming a MG and needs the assistance.  Jutta McComick made the motion, Cathy Sheehy seconded, and the vote to offer the scholarship was voted on unanimously.


It was noted that we owe $35 for the McDonald County fair booth.  Beth Persons will send them a check.


The new handout for the McDonald County Extension Center/Master Gardeners was passed out for all to see.


There will be two classes offered on Aug. 26th at the Pineville Community Center.  The a.m. class is on solar energy for the home and costs $20.  The p.m. class is for solar energy for the farm and is also $20.  If someone wants to take both classes, the cost will be $30 for both.  You can call the Extension office for more information at 417-223-4775.


Our next meeting will be our annual Bar-B-Que at 6:30 p.m., Sept. 1, 2015 at the home of Mike and Barbara Snow.  Their address is 720 E. McKinney in Neosho which is just across the street from the Fish Hatchery.  This will be a pot luck but if you have to work that day, don't feel you need to bring anything.  Mike will send out a listing of what will be provided closer to the date.


Beverly Haywood motioned that the meeting be adjourned, Lee House seconded that, and it was passed unanimously at 7:32.