Herb Lecture, Herb Walk & Gourmet Lunch May 5

05/04/2013 10:00

Herb Lecture, Herb Walk  & Gourmet Lunch

By Steven Foster

Ozark Folkways Heirtage Center

Located on Scenic Hwy. 71, between Winslow and Mt.Gaylor Arkansas

May 5, 2013

Saturday May 5th world-renowned herbalist Steven Foster will give a one-day class, which will include lecture time, a wild herb walk and a gourmet lunch at Ozark Folkways!

The cost of the class is $100, which includes the gourmet lunch. (Details of the lunch menu, with an emphasis on locally grown herbs, is a total secret until you sign up!)

For thirty-four years Steven Foster has served as a medicinal and aromatic plant specialist, writer, lecturer, and photographer as well as an international consultant to growers, researchers, and others in the medicinal and aromatic industries. Foster has over 800 photo-illustrated articles in popular, trade, and scientific journals. He serves as Associate Editor for Herbalgram. Steven is the author or co-author of fifteen books.

Describing her relationship with Steven Foster, Harvard University botanist Dr. Shiu Ying Hu (emeriti) wrote: "Our conversation reminded me of something that Confucius said two thousand years ago: 'In any company of three persons, there must be one who can be my teacher' . . . I found in Steven Foster a teacher who could share a profound knowledge of economic botany, particularly in the cultivation and uses of herbs."

Steven Foster has pursued photographic goals since 1976. His first photographs appeared in a book on Shaker furniture in 1977. He has served as liaison to visiting photographers on assignment for numerous American and European magazines and newspapers. Today, as a specialist in medicinal and aromatic plants, his stock photo files number over 150,000 images in a highly specialized stock niche.

For more information on Steven’s work:  https://www.stevenfoster.com/

Space for this class is extremely limited.

Call to reserve your spot today!

479-634-3791 or email: director@folkways.arcoxmail.com

If you are a friend on Facebook, you may sign up for the event at: