2011-06 Meeting Minutes

06/16/2011 17:19


June 7, 2011


Our meeting was held at the Extension Center. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Linda Arment. There were 16 members present.  Many members were impacted by the devastating tornado that hit Joplin on May 22 and are devoting their attention to related needs.  As a club we appreciate those who are donating resources to the community and, to those directly affected, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Minutes from May’s meeting were made available to members via the website and e-mail.   A motion was M/S/C to accept the minutes.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The bank balance as of May 13, 2011 is $4,581.58.  If anyone has bills to be paid, scan and send them to Donna’s email at donna.carr40@yahoo.com, or at 5120 Willow Drive., Joplin, MO  64801. Donna was unable to attend due to illness.  A motion was M/S/C to accept the report.


PLANT SALE:  Our sale was a huge success-over $2200.  Everyone contributed time to advertising, planting, transporting, and selling.  Thanks to Bill Andrews for the use of his parking lot.


JERRY CHRISTIAN’S MEMORIAL: Linda Arment and John Hobbs reported on the March 7th memorial ceremony.  Signature Granite donated the granite for a plaque honoring Jerry and Silhouette Imaging engraved the stone.  A 6’ white Dogwood tree was planted at the National Fish Hatchery in Neosho.  Comments were made by Dave Hendrix, Russ Hively, and John Hobbs as well as other family members and friends.  Family members assisted Master Gardeners with planting and mulching the memorial.  Go to the newsletter to view pictures on page 4


COMMUNITY GARDEN: Gordon Spencer reported that the Anderson Community Garden sponsored by the Baptist church is doing very well.


NEOSHO ROUNDABOUT-Beth Persons reported that the South Street roundabout landscaping project has been finished by Sean Armstrong.  Our $250 contribution helped make this possible.


FAIRS-Beth Persons passed around a sign-up sheet for members to volunteer to staff the Newton County (July 13-16) booth.  There will also be opportunity to sign up at July’s meeting.  A sign-up sheet will also be available for McDonald County Fair (July 21-23). No gift certificates have been donated but members are encouraged to bring them in July. Members are asked to find a person or business that would be willing to donate a gift certificate to our club to be given away after the fairs as door prizes.  Forms and letters were distributed at the meeting and sent out via e-mail.  Members are asked to return the detached, completed certificates in a business-sized envelope and leave the top part of the form with the business.  Letters of acknowledgement will be mailed to all donors, which includes tax-deductible information.  If there are questions, e-mail Beth or call her at 455-9092.  If you have any ideas or items for the booths, bring them to July’s meeting. 

BROCHURES: A motion was also M/S/C to print a new supply of brochures for upcoming activities. 


BUSINESS CARDS: Anne Corkle suggested printing business cards for members to distribute when needed throughout the year.


McDONALD COUNTY FAIR SIGN: Beverly Resendiz reported that the landscaping around the sign has been cleaned up and restored in time for the upcoming fair.


SHIRT ORDERS- Bill Andrews is still taking orders for imprinted polos, T-shirts, or denim shirts.  These are good advertisement and help us represent our group at booths, shows, meetings, and workdays. Call Bill at 417-389-0674 to order shirts, he will need name, phone #, type of shirt, size and quantity.  Price includes tax.

Ts         S–XL   $8.60       2X–3X  $11.85            Lt. blue Denim   S-XL   $30.15     2X  $34.30    3X $36.60  (short sleeve)

Polos    S–XL   $16.15     2X-3X   $19.40            Lt. blue Denim   S-XL   $32.30     2X  $36.60    3X $38.75  (long sleeve) 


VOLUNTEER HOURS: John Hobbs reported that several members in the Anderson area who are unable to attend meetings have taken responsibility for landscaping maintenance of local properties of the City of Anderson.  This allows them to meet their hour requirements and assures maintenance of these areas.



CARVER DAYS-Sherry McBride outlined plans for the July 9 event.  She is basically doing the same as before with the addition of Native Plants for the Landscape.  She wants all Native Plants - or at least those that have naturalized to the point that they would be considered "native.”  She wants edible, medicinal & landscape native plants, cuttings, flowers, fruits, nuts, etc.  An Edible & Medicinal Plant list is on our website -which is not all inclusive.  Let her know what plants you have to bring or donate, so she can make labels.  If there is anyone else who would like to sign up, please let her know at 592-3357 or e-mail.  A meal ticket will be provided to the volunteers so she needs to turn your name in prior to GWC Day. 

9am - 12 pm Set up :Sherry McBride, Pam Bartkoski, Debbie Seufert


12pm - 2pm: Sherry McBride, Beth Persons, Pam, & Debbie


2pm - 4pm - Tear Down: Sherry McBride, Linda Arment, Pam, & Debbie


“One last note - even if you are not familiar with Native Plants, this is a good way to learn about them - and it is fun.  Come join us.”


GARDENING SEMINARS-John Hobbs expressed the possibility of hosting a seminar similar to other counties’ models.  Much discussion concerning a variety of topics followed but plans were tabled until a committee is formed to explore options for presentation to the club. 


HOTLINE:  Discussion among members concerning hotline options and possibilities but no motion was made at this time.  This service may be reconsidered in a later meeting.




EXTENSION COUNCIL UPDATE:  John Hobbs reported that the council completed a mandated annual plan to replace previous 5-year plans.  These plans determine goals for programs such as Master Gardeners and others under the University umbrella.   Ron Hoyez commented that efforts are underway to collaborate and consolidate information among all Council entities to provide a resource showcasing all organizations.


LENDONWOOD GARDENS:  John Hobbs has scheduled a tour on Saturday, June 18 at 11:00 am for our club to visit this gorgeous place in Grove, OK.  Lendonwood features six distinct gardens, each with a theme and atmosphere all its own. They include: the Display Garden near the entrance; the Oriental Garden featuring shade plants; the Japanese Pavilion Garden with Koi Pond; the English Terrace Garden highlighting sunny beds and rhododendrons; the American Backyard Garden, where plants thrive without much water; and the Angel of Hope Garden, surrounding a statue of an angel, in memory of lost loved ones, especially children.  For more information and directions, go to their website or contact John at the Extension Office at 223-4775.  RSVP by Friday, June 17, so John knows approximately how many to expect.  A $5.00 donation is suggested per adult to help with garden maintenance.


BEES:  Jerry Schroder will be happy to rid your property of bee swarms.  You may call him at 435-2456 if you or someone you know needs his services.


FARMERS’ MARKETS:  Neosho-Saturday from 8-12 (across from library), Anderson-Thursday-Saturday from 8-12 or Pineville-Tuesday from 8-12


10,000 GARDEN CHALLENGE:  Linda Arment shared information regarding this program from the MO Department of Agriculture.  To register your garden on a map or go to their website for more information.


ANDERSON WOMEN’S CLUB:  Beverly Resendiz (845-7519) and Gordon Spencer (628-3403) will be speaking on July 12 at 6:30 pm about Fall Gardening.  If you’d like more information, contact them.


NEXT MEETING:  We will meet at the Neosho Fish Hatchery by Jerry’s memorial on July 5.  Bring a freezer of homemade ice cream or a dessert.  Plans are being made for a short tour of the facility.


A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm.


Submitted by:

Beth Persons

Beth Persons, Secretary


Following the meeting, several members met at the Newton County Fairgrounds to plant flower barrels for the upcoming fair.


ADDENDUM:  Knowing that many members were affected by the tornado, I wanted to include an e-mail note from Doug and Cindy Lawson because I felt that it reflects the feelings of many members.  My response from the club applies to all members that feel that they must choose between what truly is the most important.


“Just a quick note…Unfortunately my husband Doug and I are going to have to resign from Master Gardeners...at least for a year or so, for several reasons.  My husband has accepted a full-time position at Freeman Hospital as a Chaplain.. He has been a PRN chaplain for several years.  3 nights a week he works a split shift..7-11am and 6-10pm.  He is still doing his best to work at the church as the Pastor until they can find a new one.  We will still continue to worship there.  Anyway, as such he also teaches the Wed. night Bible Study and preaches on Sunday.  He is "burning the candle" at both ends.  The second reason is that his dad (86 and not in good health, but still working full-time as an electrical engineer at Allgeier Martin & Assoc.) and Doug's sister and her family and dog:) (Macie and Sadie, our dog, are starting to get along now. Ha!) are living with us because they both lost their houses in the tornado.  But, thank God they are all okay!  We are still in the process of trying to salvage whatever we can from both houses. (lived next door to each other, so convenient to work at both).  My in-laws lived in that house for 40 years and as you can imagine, accumulated much!...we are just soooo exhausted…Been there almost every day since the night of the tornado.  And it's been so HOT!!  I am having physical therapy on my back, and nerve studies on my feet and legs due to numbness and pain.  (this all started before the tornado though)…Sometimes I have to remember to just "breathe"!  :)  so all this to say that we just can't continue in Master Gardeners anymore for awhile.  We love everyone and thoroughly enjoy the Master Gardeners Club.  We have worked at the Fair for several years and will miss being able to participate.  Please give our love and regards to everyone and maybe sometime in the future we can rejoin.” 


MY RESPONSE: Thank you for contacting us.  And our thoughts and prayers are with you.  We will honor your request and place you on inactive but we're not going to "release" you from the group that easily!  Please update us periodically and let us know if there is anything we can do (sorry we can't restore sanity!).  We will keep you on our mailing list and, when you find time, access the website to stay updated on the club.  If you feel like getting out on July 5, please join us for ice cream at the Hatchery.  But even if you can't come to meetings, consider yourselves part of the group.  You all are doing the important thing--that of honoring your family--and that's the most important.  But...do take care of #1 also.  For the group....