Neosho Fish Hatchery

Chair person:  Jo McLemore (417) 389-0008

In honor and remembrance of Jerry Christian

The late Jerry Christian began volunteering with “Friends of the Fish Hatchery” in 2003 and started helping with the Open House there in connection with the Neosho Dogwood Tour in the Spring.  In 2007 Rhonda Marion joined him with the booth to promote the Master Gardeners.  She continues to chair this project.  As well as promoting Master Gardeners, she promotes the Grow Native! program as well.  Gardeners need to be aware of this program.  Rhonda presents programs in the area on the use of native plants.  Master Gardener Gwen Schroeder assists her with several native plants to show, as well as books and handouts on Growing Native plants which includes trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, ground covers—just about everything, and for sun and shade, as well.  They talk with people about why native plants are vital to wildlife and a healthy environment--sustaining a large number of birds, butterflies, bees, and small mammals.  Lots of information is provided plus materials to encourage planting these plants.  Gwen and her husband, Jerry,  sell native plants at Neosho’s Farmer’s Market.  Having the plants locally is a big advantage!

Photo Gallery: Neosho Fish Hatchery