Crowder College's Smith Hall Rain Garden

Chair person:  Ron Hoyez 

(417) 389-3415

We got most of the Spring work done thanks to the workers - Jutta McCormick, Linda Arment, Sue Ludiker, Beth Persons, and me of course. The MDC signs are installed, the sumac and hydrangeas have been transplanted to their correct spots, impatiens were planted by the front door, and some other flowers were planted in front of the garden.  The plants are looking very nice for their first summer - Lanceleaf Coreopsis and Rose Verbena are in bloom, the Foxglove Beardtongue is about to bloom.   Others will come as the summer progresses. The only area that does not look OK is the strip next to the sidewalk that was seeded with grass.  Looks like it is not being mowed and it is sparse.  Thanks to all the workers - you were great!
Gwen A Schroder

Photo Gallery: Crowder College's Smith Hall