07/23/2014 16:42


July 1, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:28pm at the Annual  Ice Cream Social at the home of Barbara and Mike Snow, with 27 members and 10 guests present.

The Secretary’s Report was approved with a motion by Beth Persons, second by Gorden Spencer and Jackie Hoyez and a unanimous vote.

The Treasurer’s Report  was approved with a motion by Sue Ludiker, second by Ron Hoyez, and unanimous vote.

Old Business –  Ron Hoyez  reported that the Knock-Out Rose replacement project at Carver Monument was completed.  President Karen Scott reported that the $2,000 donation to the Extension building was also completed.

New Business-  (1) The idea of the club buying pine bark mulch for future projects was tabled for the need of further discussion and contemplation. (2) Membership committee will send a card expressing our heart-felt condolences to Bill Andrews for the passing of his brother.  (3)Morse Park needs a chair person. Mike Snow made a motion to hold a work day for any volunteers  to assess the needs of the project. Beth Persons seconded the motion and it carried by unanimous vote.

Secretary’s note:  “Then the dirty dawg who made the motion did not even show up for the assessment!”  My sincere apologies to the group.

Committee Updates -  (1) Sherry McBride noted Carver Day is July 12th  (2)Ron Hoyez commented on the beautiful improvements made by our club at G.W.Carver.    (3)Bev Caywood said Pineville Green looks good.   (4)President  Karen- Newton County Fair sign up sheet still has spaces.  (5) Jutta suggested raffling gift cards at the fair…Beth Persons made the motion to spend $100 on 4 gift cards for the fair.  Jackie Hoyez second the motion and it carried by unanimous vote.

Announcements – (1) Ron Hoyez commented on the coming infestation of Japanese Beetles  (2) Mike Snow recognized the items donated by citizen, Patricia Thompson and her willingness to give plants away.  (3) Anne Corkle announced she still has re-blooming iris to give away.

Lea House  made a motion to adjourn. Lea House seconded the motion and it carried by unanimous vote.  Next meeting:  August 5 at the Extension Building.