Sherry McBride


Phone:  (417) 592-3357


County:  Newton
Early memories of gardening:  My grandfather was a farmer and I have very early memories of helping him dig potatoes, pulling radishes and eating them in the garden, and marveling at the Egyptian walking onions.  I have vivid memories of finding wild mushrooms in the spring, picking wild gooseberries and blackberries in the summer and gathering hickory nuts in the fall.  I have always loved the out-of-doors and getting my hands dirty.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved to grow plants.
Why did you join:  I moved to NW Arkansas in 1994 after living most of my life in central Iowa.  I went from rich, black, loam to rocks and very little soil.  So, my primary motive was to learn to grow in this region.  My secondary motive was a love of sharing what I grew and sharing what I knew.
What have you gained as a member:  I love to garden and sharing what I have learned as a Master Gardener is very satisfying.  It is a wonderful way to connect with other people who have the same interests.  And it is a great way to meet people outside our group who have an interest in growing plants by giving presentations to groups and organizations. 
Why would you recommend joining a MG Club:  It is a way to learn more about gardening – and I am continually learning something.  I would recommend it for what I have gained as a member as stated above.
Personal information:  For years, my gardening dream was to have a greenhouse.  My husband and I built my first greenhouse in 2004.  I currently have a 14 x 24 greenhouse.  I am an organic gardener and have been since the mid-70s.  I have a fascination with heirloom plants.  I began growing heirlooms in 1996 and enjoy tasting the many varieties of tomatoes.  I also love to grow native plants.  I am a seed saver and I collect seed from both my heirloom and native plants.  I love to read about gardening and have a fairly extensive library.  I also like to write about gardening.