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June 5, 2012

Our meeting was held at the home of Jerry and Gwen Schroder aka Shine Hollow Ranch in
Powell. The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by President Gordon Spencer. There were
17 members present and 4 guests. Following the meeting, members were escorted around Shine
Hollow Ranch for a tour of their facilities, high tunnel, hives, and “farmer’s market” location.
Their 64-acre bit of paradise demonstrates their level of commitment and dedication to making
the land and gardening their primary resources of food and income. A lot of hard work and it
shows! Thanks for sharing, Jerry and Gwen!

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Minutes from the May 8 meeting were made available to members
via e-mail. A motion was M/S/C to accept the minutes.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The bank balance as of June 5, 2012 is $4,170.64. A motion was M/
S/C to accept the report.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN: Beth Persons reported that the Butterfly Garden in Morse Park looks
110% better after 3 intense workdays. She had a team of very industrious members (and guests)
who eliminated mint and other invasive plants and restored the garden to its original condition.
New mulch was added to complete the project and butterflies are plentiful now.

FISH HATCHERY: Jo McLemore is chairing this project and the flowerboxes look great.
Members planted boxes on May 11. Park staff is helping with watering.

LEATTA WORKMAN’S HOME: On Thursday, May 17, 5 members and 3 guests gathered at
her home at 456 Ravenwood in Neosho to provide clean-up and restoration of front flowerbeds.
She was very grateful!

RICHEY MANSION: Cathy Sheehy (via email), John Hobbs, and Lee House shared information
concerning 2 clean-up and restoration workdays at the historical Newtonia battlefield. Cathy
requested permission to purchase knock-out roses and crepe myrtle to complete this project. A
motion was M/S/C.

McDONALD COUNTY PROJECTS: Beverly Resendiz, Jutta McCormick, Gordon Spencer,
John & Donna Hobbs, and others reported that the landscaping projects at the Pineville Greens,
the Fair Sign, the ballpark, and the Old Courthouse are cleaned up, planted, and look great.

TABLECLOTHS: A motion was M/S/C to order 2 green tablecloths with the new MG emblem
embroidered on the front. These will be available for any displays related to our club. Cathy
Sheehy is securing these for us.

BROCHURES: An updated version of brochures was made available to members for review.
The new brochures will be available for booths and exhibits this summer.

COUNTY FAIRS: Beth Persons passed around a sign-up sheet for members to volunteer to staff
the Newton County (July 12-14) booth. There will be opportunity to sign up at July’s meeting.
Beverly Resendiz will have a sign-up sheet available for McDonald County Fair (July 19-21).
Two gift certificates have been donated for door prizes and members are encouraged to
bring additional donations to July’s meeting. Members are asked to find a person or business that
would be willing to donate a gift certificate to our club to be given away after the fairs as door
prizes. Forms and letters were distributed at the meeting and sent out via e-mail. Members are
asked to return the detached, completed certificates in a business-sized envelope and leave the
top part of the form with the business. Letters of acknowledgement will be mailed to all donors,
which includes tax-deductible information. For questions, e-mail Beth or call her at 455-9092.
If you have any ideas or items for the booths, bring them to July’s meeting.

FAIRGROUND BARRELS: Jutta McCormick suggested that members bring plants to July’s
meeting (or let her know what you will be bringing) that can be used to create a montage to be
placed on top of the barrels. This would eliminate the need to water and maintain plants and
could be easily assembled/disassembled. Members all agreed that it was a great idea.

CARVER DAYS: Sherry McBride outlined plans for the July 14 event. She is basically doing
the same as before, including Grow Native! plants for landscaping. She wants all native plants
- or at least those that have naturalized to the point that they would be considered "native.” She
wants edible, medicinal & landscape native plants, cuttings, flowers, fruits, nuts, etc. An Edible
& Medicinal Plant list is on our website -which is not all inclusive. Let her know what plants
you have to bring or donate, so she can make labels. If you would like to sign up for a time,
please let her know at 592-3357 or e-mail. A meal ticket will be provided to the volunteers so
she needs to turn your name in prior to GWC Day.

MINIATURE GARDENS: Beverly Resendiz and Joan Gardner reported on a workshop they
attended. They received instruction on constructing miniature gardens, making newspaper pots,
and viewed many mini gardens. A very enjoyable experience!

FARMERS’ MARKETS: Neosho-Thursday from 8-2 (north of Freeman Hospital), Joplin-
Wednesday from 8-1 (Freeman Hospital)

WILDER’S NURSERY: Jutta McCormick contacted the nursery and a decision was made to not
schedule a tour at this time.

NEXT MEETING: We will meet at the Neosho Fish Hatchery by Jerry’s memorial on July 3.
Bring a freezer of homemade ice cream or a dessert.

A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 pm.

Submitted by:

Beth Persons

Beth Persons for Lynn Fleshman