Hill ‘n Hollow Master Gardeners Elect Officers

03/31/2014 15:05

The Hill ‘n Hollow Master Gardeners of Newton and McDonald counties recently elected a new slate of officers for 2014.


President Karen Scott joined the Master Gardeners in 2009.  A transplant from Colorado, she joined to learn more about the plants and growing practices unique to the Ozarks. That led to the germination of her market produce farm. Karen enjoys growing things, playing in the dirt, being outside and sharing what she has learned. “One of the things I really like about the Master Gardeners is their interest in community involvement and education on all things horticultural.”


Vice President Beverly Caywood has been gardening since grade school and is a 2011 graduate from the Master Gardener program.  Beverly signed up for the class to learn more about one of her favorite hobbies, gardening and raising flowers.  She was born and raised in McDonald County and remembers helping her father with vegetable and flower gardening and learning from her mother about houseplants.  Since joining the Hill ‘n Hollow Master Gardeners, she has gained friends, resources, and ideas.  “If you have questions, everyone is willing to share their experiences and you will find one that works for you,” Beverly states.


A Master Gardener since 2000, Treasurer Sherry McBride loves to make things grow and share what she has learned through being a part of the Hill ‘N Hollow Master Gardeners. She says, “It is a wonderful way to connect with other people who have the same interests. And it is a great way to meet people outside our group who have an interest in growing plants by giving presentations to groups and organizations.”


“Well.... I guess I would have to say my wife talked me into joining the MG's with her, so we could learn more about fresh market fruit and vegetable gardening as an income stream, and eat healthier at the same time”, says Mike Snow the clubs Secretary. “We have dabbled in flowers and vegetables for most of our lives but never really paid much attention to the scientific end of it. We are both excited to be new members of the organization, and are looking forward to approaching this year's garden with a better understanding of how to actually make it produce.” Mike and his wife are graduates of the Master Gardener class of 2013.


The Hill n’ Hollow Master Gardeners are all graduates of the Master Gardener program offering through the University of Missouri Extension Center.  Together, they spend thousands of volunteer hours every year educating the public about gardening techniques and making Newton and McDonald counties more beautiful places to live.  You can visit their website at https://hillandhollowmg.webnode.com.