2013-06-04 Minutes

06/26/2013 13:12


June 4, 2013


The June meeting of the Hill ‘n Hollow Master Gardeners was held at 6:30 pm at the Newton County Extension Office. President Jutta McCormick called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm with 22 members present.


SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The May minutes were  e-mailed to members and posted on the website. Minutes were read during the meeting and a motion was M/S/C to accept the secretary’s report.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The bank balance as of June 4, 2013 is $4,572.51, excluding any outstanding receipts. A motion was M/S/C to accept the treasurer’s report.


PLANT SALE: Sherry McBride reported a net profit of $1770.02 for this year’s plant sales held on May 4 and 11 at WXY Sporting Goods in Neosho. Jutta reported that everything was sold and volunteer and customer response was outstanding. Thanks for another great sale!


PINEVILLE COURTHOUSE/MUSEUM: Doug Coberly, Jutta McCormick, Gordon Spencer, and Mary Mitchell cleaned up the flowerbeds and planted roses, petunias, dianthus, and salvias. Bill and Norene Repka planted flowers in the mound.


FAIR SIGN/BALLPARK/GOLDEN LIVING NURSING HOME: Jutta McCormick worked hard to get these flowerbeds ready for show this summer.



CARVER DAYS: Sherry McBride outlined plans for the July 13 event.  She is basically doing the same as before, including Grow Native! plants for landscaping.  She wants all native plants - or at least those that have naturalized to the point that they would be considered "native.”  She wants edible, medicinal & landscape native plants, cuttings, flowers, fruits, nuts, etc.  An Edible & Medicinal Plant list is on our website -which is not all inclusive.  Let her know what plants you have to bring or donate, so she can make labels. 

COUNTY FAIRS: Jo McElmore is chairperson for Newton County (July 10-13) booth.  There will be opportunity to sign up at July’s meeting.  Jutta McCormick will have a sign-up sheet available for McDonald County Fair (July 18-20).


FAIRGROUND BARRELS:  Members are asked to bring potted flowering plants to July’s meeting (or let her know what you will be bringing) that can be used to create a montage to be placed on top of the barrels.  This would eliminate the need to water and maintain plants and could be easily assembled/disassembled.  Pots may be taken home after the fairs.



FARMERS’ MARKET: Joplin’s market is looking for fruit and vegetable vendors only. If interested, contact Jutta for more details.


PLANNING FOR A FALL GARDEN: There will be workshop on June 28 from 7-8:30 pm at the Mountain Grove Campus. The cost is $5 at the door. For more information, contact the Extension office.


EXTENSION COUNCIL UPDATE: John Hobbs reported that McDonald County will be getting a new Community Development Specialist soon. The office will be housed in Pineville.


The Council is considering a long-term lease with Premier Turbines to occupy unused office space. Several factors must be considered, including high utilities and efficiency. Negotiations are in the preliminary stage and no decisions have been made. Crowder has given the Extension office one year to relocate.


NEXT MEETING:  We will meet at the Jon Reagan’s home at 1112 Baxter Street in Neosho [behind high school] on July 2. Bring a freezer of homemade ice cream, topping, or a dessert. If you plan to bring ice cream, please call Jutta at 845-6774 to let her know. We can’t have an ice cream social without the main ingredientJ.


A motion was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 pm.


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